Groupe scolaire Joséphine Baker | Dominique Coulon

Groupe scolaire Joséphine Baker | Dominique Coulon

18:55 02 June in Architecture, Education, Education-Elementary

06-02-2018:MODERNi; The group of schools occupies a trapezoid-shaped plot of land obliterated by the non-aedificandi area corresponding to the location of one building that was demolished. The requirement to refrain from constructing closed volumes based on the rectangle that is a feature of the plot of land, combined with the constraints in terms of density and height, has enabled Dominique COULON & associés to question the separation of the primary and nursery schools in the brief. His proposal therefore sketches out a unitary organisation, deployed with virtuoso skill in the three dimensions of the space between two poles linked by a system of ramps…Read More!


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