RÖ Skin Shop |O’Sullivan Skoufoglou

RÖ Skin Shop |O’Sullivan Skoufoglou

10:50 22 December in Interior Design, Retail, Retail-Store

12-22-2018:MODERNi:Typically, the space is divided into store at the front addressing the street and town life with the more private activities of the treatment rooms located deeper in the medieval block. The large shopfront window reveals a symmetrical plan inside. A framework of display units wraps around and acts as screening whilst providing a backdrop for the central sink counter. The concept is based on traditional apothecaries and their age-old practices. Cane mesh was chosen in order to allow transparency, light and visual connection as well as to echo the famous Stamford woollen mesh cloth known as Haberget, produced during the Middle AgesRead More!


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