Westminster Community College Gateway Center | ENNEAD

Westminster Community College Gateway Center | ENNEAD

17:55 27 March in Architecture, College, Education

03-27-2016:ArchDaily: Located at the east entrance to the Valhalla campus, the new Gateway Center is emblematic of the College’s commitment to a more accessible education for residents of Westchester County and to an American college experience for the many recent immigrants seeking to improve the quality of their lives. Its design was inspired by this vision, and the building is intended as a physical embodiment of the word gateway: an entrance or means of access. Sited to take advantage of the natural beauty of the campus landscape, the Gateway Center is a threshold to the College and an initial expression of campus identity. Building and site are unified to form a sustainable daylit environment. Combining references to the campus’ architectural legacy and state-of-the-art technology, the building creates a unique educational crossroads and a defining center for campus life…Read More!


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