Los Angeles House | Belzberg Architects and Delta Wright

Los Angeles House | Belzberg Architects and Delta Wright

12:02 20 November in Architecture, Residence, Residence-Plateau

11-19-2016:MODERNi: Geometry was not, however, the most important subject of conversation with the owners—she’s a surgeon, and he’s in finance. “Family, family, family. That was the big discussion,” Belzberg recalls. “The house needed to be a place where the kids want to be. And want to stay.” Talk eventually took physical form as three hangout spots: a family room off the kitchen, itself worthy of hanging out in; a playroom upstairs; and a sophisticated game room, complete with billiard table, in a basement that also boasts a gym and a sauna. The counterparts are a trio of work spaces: a study for the three children and his-and-hers offices for the parents, allowing them to integrate family into their professional lives. The husband’s study was to be large enough that the kids could come play while he crunches numbers. The wife’s was to be “command central,” Belzberg notes, around the corner from the study, during homework time, while overlooking the swimming poolRead More!


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