Valdemonjas Winery | Agag+Paredes

Valdemonjas Winery | Agag+Paredes

22:02 19 December in Architecture, Winery

12-19-2016:Architizer: The Winery is oriented on an east-west axis, using the site inclination to allow grapes to enter the building by gravity. Grape access is a key space in wine making; a covered external space was created in order for the grapes to be selected manually. The daily work of winery happens at a basement level, with a central space serving fermentation and a versatile area for washing, bottling or labeling. This is the heart of the winery as it is the centre of all movements of wine. From there, the wine ages in 2 spaces located to each side of the central space. Wine will first age in the Barrel Hall, and then will go back to be bottled in the central space. Once bottled, it will age in the Bottle Hall. Finally, the wine is brought back to the central space again to be labelled and packed, and through the Loading Bay directly into the truckRead More!

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