[M.Classic] Knut Hamsun Center | Steven Holl

[M.Classic] Knut Hamsun Center | Steven Holl

20:37 03 January in Architecture, Museum

01-03-2016:MODERNi: This center dedicated to Hamsun is located above the Arctic Circle near village of Presteid of Hamarøy and the farm where the writer grew up. The museum includes exhibition areas, a library and reading room, a cafe and an auditorium. The concept for the museum is “building as a body,” creating a battleground of invisible forces. The stained black wood exterior skin is characteristic of the great wooden stave Norse churches. The spine of the building body is the central elevator, providing handicapped and freight access to all parts of the building. At the roof garden the long grass reflects the traditional Norwegian sod roofs in a different way. Strange, surprising and phenomenal experiences in space perspective and light will provide an inspiring frame for the exhibitions...Read More!


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