Hacoa clock | Hacoa

Hacoa clock | Hacoa

00:00 25 January in Product Design

01-25-2015:MODERNi: The Hacoa Wall Clock is a handsomely engineered single slab of timber with a Japanese quartz movement. Presented in a choice of solid walnut or maple, the clock’s face beautifully shows off its unique natural wood grain patterns. Enhanced by a super smooth satin finish, the face’s cleanly drilled, shallow holes indicate the numeral positions while elegant, matte black metal hour, minute and second hands accurately do their job.  A simple, elegant addition to the stylish modern home, this outstanding timepiece can be wall-mounted via a dedicated metal ‘keyhole’, or by screwing in the supplied stainless steel rods, admired as a mantelpiece or tabletop clock…Read More!


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