Crematorium Hofheide | Coussée & Goris

Crematorium Hofheide | Coussée & Goris

23:44 29 April in Architecture, Crematorium

04-29-2019:MODERNi: The Flemish plain contains a vast landscape which shapes a gentle swampy basin at this point of Hofheide. This basin is the setting for the Crematorium, underscoring it and propitiating the permanent formation of a larger reservoir, part of a walk through the park that spreads across the entire precinct, at the ends of which are two cemeteries (one for burials, the other for niches). Strolling to the meeting point, walking in company, gathering together for consolation in a space that is as close to nature as possible, enhancing our sense that we are part of it, preparing the leave-taking ceremony, without any pre-established belief or culture in a space that provides shelter for grief, music, the embrace and words. The more functional aspects are set at a different level of pavilion so as not to hinder the outpouring of these sentiments...Read More!


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