[M.Classic] Barcelona Pavilion | Mies van der Rohe


[M.Classic] Barcelona Pavilion | Mies van der Rohe

12:09 12 March in Architecture, Pavilion, Pavilion-Exhibition

03:12:2016:BBC: Set on a travertine plinth, its gleaming, offset walls created subtle spatial illusions enhanced by sunlight, and moonlight, shimmering and sparkling from both the rich building materials and from the rectangular pool that permeated the structure. Walking through the pavilion, with reflections of sun-dappled water playing on the underside of the roof, and breezes wafting through open walls, it was hard to tell interior from exterior. It was built quickly, as you expect of an exhibition stand, and yet the quality of the materials Mies chose meant that the German Pavilion looked as if it would last for decades rather than months. The roof – a thin plane of concrete render over steel – appeared to float over the structure, creating the extraordinary effect of a building that was at once substantial and etherealRead More!


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