Bitten House | arnau estudi d’arquitectura


Bitten House | arnau estudi d’arquitectura

02:08 02 October in Architecture, Residence-Context

10-01-2016:MODERNi: The terrain where it is situated is complex and marvellous, so we present a house with a will to respond to all the determinants of the plot with very few words, almost only with respectful silence. So, we propose a cube made of reinforced concrete that observes the landscape, looks for the sun and connects the inside spaces with the garden, using the minimum of gestures possible but with the maximum forcefulness. The four bites in the four opposite corners of the house emphasize the relation between the house and the rest of the plot and with the exterior; rough as peach skin, only when we bite this sweet fruit of concrete, we discover all the freshness hidden in its interior...Read More!


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