the coffee | Studio Boscardin.Corsi

the coffee | Studio Boscardin.Corsi

22:10 12 December in Architecture, Hospitality, Hospitality-Cafe

12-12-2018:MODERNi:The architecture project is related to the concept of The Coffee, minimal and functional. And, to stand out from the other buildings on the side, the option was to verticalize the facade so that, even narrow, it gained an imposing. With a contrasting color and unusual materials, the coffee shop loosened from the sides. The composition of materials is simple. Metal strips, light wood, and an acrylic box that, when lit, reveals the best: light. The light cube, in acrylic, it is the focal point of the coffee, marking the entrance, making the protection on rainy days and shining at nightfall (and also on typical cloudy days in Curitiba)Read More!


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