F House | Pitsou Kedem

F House | Pitsou Kedem

22:10 16 January in Architecture, Residence, Residence-Country, Residence-Forest, Residence-High End, Residence-Luxury

01-16-2017:MODERNi; Although the facade facing the street is designed as an opaque mass and seems to hold an enigmatic secret, as soon as one crosses the line of the wooden ‘arbours’, the spaces of the house are suddenly visible in all their simplicity. The process of stepping into opaqueness and then catching sight of the private interior as it emerges from the sealed, the hidden, and the monolithic, into an open and light-filled space, would almost seem to confirm that you have entered the place now exposed – the private parts of the house. Here the geometry is simple and minimalist, and is clean and transparent in its form and materials, almost as if it were someone that had turned all his cards face up on the table…Read More!


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