Swissair North American Headquarters | Richard Meier

Swissair North American Headquarters | Richard Meier

22:43 26 July in Architecture, Office

07-26-2018:MODERNi: The Swissair headquarters was conceived as a distinctive formal element that would stand in contrast to the nondescript suburban environment surrounding an adjacent intersection. A number of factors led to the decision to recess the building into the ground, thereby creating a lower ground floor. One of these was the need to meet local zoning and height restrictions while accommodating the requirements of the program. The recessed lower floor enabled us to provide an outdoor recreation patio on the sunny side of the building for lunchtime use by the staff. Another was the necessity to create privacy and to shield the building acoustically from the nearby Long Island Expressway. A substantial berm to the east and south also shields the forecourt from noise and exterior views...Read More!


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