Forest-Wood-Paper Higher Institute | Patrick Arotcharen

Forest-Wood-Paper Higher Institute | Patrick Arotcharen

22:21 02 April in Architecture, Education-Professional

04-02-2017:Archaizer: The campus, dedicated to food industry research, is a vast domain whose architecture and infrastructure settings are marked by orthogonality. With its prismatic allure, the project forms the counter-weight of the existing building. Tucked in between two buildings, the new institute shows off its sculptural dimension whilst, from the entrance above the parasol pines, it imposes its outline head-on. The building avoids any direct conflict with neighbouring blocks through its differing lines of axes: this layout initiates a play on alignment and detachment which creates new perspectives, making the space dynamic. The empty spaces are planted and scratched with pathways or smoothed over with concrete (a courtyard to the north, a terrace to the east.)Read More!


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