Los Faiques Dwellings | Duran & Hermida

Los Faiques Dwellings | Duran & Hermida

00:27 22 May in Architecture, Residence

05-21-2018:ArchDaily: The group of dwellings is located in the subtropical Yunguilla valley, 1400 meters above sea level, 60km away from the city of Cuenca. This area was historically known for its sugar cane farms; however, nowadays they have yielded to holiday estates and minor crops. The lot where the dwellings are located had remained virgin land until construction. This is why we found beautiful Faique trees growing in the wild. The residents of the valley generally cut them down because they are not fruit trees and large thorns grow on their branches. We considered that these trees gave character to the landscape and to the architectural intervention. The Faiques forest was kept, and its presence gives the project its name…Read More!


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