House at Lake Zurich | Arndt Geiger Herrmann

House at Lake Zurich | Arndt Geiger Herrmann

22:40 03 August in Architecture, Residence

08-03-2016:MODERNi: Out of the many aspects making Arndt Geiger Herrmann Architects’ oeuvre so exciting and extraordinary, it is mainly two that outstandingly characterize the firm’s architectural stance: firstly, the references, in terms of both form and content, to 21st century Swiss modernism, which the architects have steadfastly devoted themselves to, irrespective of all postmodern trends, whose idiosyncrasies continue to have repercussions to this day; and secondly, the reflection upon the location, the acknowledgement of and involvement with different truths and their diversity, without which their architectural concepts would be unthinkable…Read More!


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