Deichgarten and Donaupark | K1

Deichgarten and Donaupark | K1

17:55 11 December in Landscape Design, Park

12-11-2015:MODERNi: The entire area for the 2014 state horticultural show in Deggendorf, Bavaria, has been restructured to create distinct new landscape zones. A “tree curtain” acts as a buffer to the busy road Neusiedlerstrasse, and a new multi-funtional space has been created between the dike and “tree curtain”. The Deichgärten (dike gardens) and promenade upon the dike are an important piece of green-infrastructure, acting as a collector – distributor for the various zones, and providing access to the new pedestrian and cycle bridge over the river Danube. The Donaupark (Danube-park) on the banks of the River Danube has been developed for peaceful relaxation and forms an esplanade on the river side of the dike...Read More!


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