Rapperswil-Jona Janus | MLZD


Rapperswil-Jona Janus | MLZD

00:03 18 March in Architecture, Museum, Museum-Multi-Purpose

03-17-2017:DesignBoom: The winning design of a competition held in 2007, one of the criteria for the new building was to leave  the overall townscape as seen from the north unchanged. in response, the project inserts itself discreetly by a narrow street, integrating itself in to the town through scale and proportions. contrasting from  its immediate surroundings is the geometric exterior finish: a bronze skin that pleats in and out to avoid  crossing over the old buildings’ windows, resulting in a sculptural effect to the facade. small circular perforation ranging from dense to sparse collections admit natural light into the interior in a controlled fashion…Read More!


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