McLean Bridge House-VA | Howeler Yoon

McLean Bridge House-VA | Howeler Yoon

21:35 05 April in Architecture, Residence

04-05-2016:MODERNi: The Bridge House addresses the condition of views and the wooded landscape. It is composed of three volumetric elements: the bedroom volume, the living volume, and a bar of bedrooms that spans between the first two. The space at the ground floor between the volumes is enclosed with glass and will house entrance and living areas. The void between volumes frames views of the landscape, but also allows the landscape to slide through the house- allowing the inside and outside to blur. The composition of rectilinear elements allows each to remain legible, while producing a fourth implied volume between them. The fourth space is an “outdoor” room, momentarily “held” between the others and extending out into the landscape…Read More!


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