Enoura Observatory | Hiroshi Sugimoto

Enoura Observatory | Hiroshi Sugimoto

22:05 17 October in Observatory

10-17-2018:MODERNi; Throughout human history, art has embodied the pinnacle of our mental and spiritual evolution. When we first became self-aware beings, art commemorated this awakening in cave paintings. Later, art went on to manifest the forms of the divine, and splendidly symbolize the might of kings. Today, as we stand at a critical point in our evolution, art has lost its onetime clarity of purpose.  What should art today express? We cannot answer this question simply, but what we can do is return to the wellspring of human consciousness, explore its sources, and chart the course it has followed thus far.  This is the mission the Odawara Art Foundation has in mind when we designed Enoura Observatory...Read More!


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