ZOB Pforzheim | Metaraum Architekten BDA

DEU, Pforzheim, ZOB, METARAUM Architekten BDA: , Fertigstellung:2015 , DIGITAL 100 MB 8 Bit. - ©Zooey Braun; Veroeffentlichung nur gegen Honorar, Urhebervermerk und Beleg / permission required for reproduction, mention of copyright, complimentary copy, FUER WERBENUTZUNG RUECKSPRACHE ERFORDERLICH!/ PERMISSION REQUIRED FOR ADVERTISING!

ZOB Pforzheim | Metaraum Architekten BDA

23:00 31 October in Architecture, Transportation, Transportation-Bus

10-31-2016:ArchDaily; The brand is “Aquapanel” cementboard by Knauf. It is related to the projects architecture in view of the fact that it is the only “cheap” material to create elegant and smooth double curved surfaces whithout creating cracks or bulges as a result of extensions caused by difference of temperatures…Read More!


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