Ying Gallery Renovation | Praxis d’Architecture


Ying Gallery Renovation | Praxis d’Architecture

22:13 28 June in Architecture, Gallery

06-28-2017:MODERNi;The design intended to make a place where art and people interact, a bridge that links art and life. Instead of remaining inside the yard, the gallery volume was brought out to the street. Since the yard wall must be kept intact, we sandwiched it with interior fit out and an exterior layer of poly-carbonate panels. The poly-carbonate panel is lightweight and economical. To increase its durability and achieve the desired visual quality, a layer of reflective membrane was applied to it at the back, giving the surface a metallic look in distance. The same panel continues into other exterior surfaces of the gallery inside the yard, so that a new volume grows out of the existing physical context yet also forms contrast to it...Read More!


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