Torre de Palma Wine Hotel | João Mendes Ribeiro


Torre de Palma Wine Hotel | João Mendes Ribeiro

00:00 18 November in Architecture

Architects: João Mendes Ribeiro
Location: 7450 ,
Year: 2014
Photographs: do mal o menos – Eduardo Nascimento e João Fôja

11-18-2014:ArchDaily: In the landscape of the great lowlands of the Alentejo region, the Torre de Palma estate includes an extent of agricultural fields and a sizable group of buildings confined on the southeast side of the property. The project for the installation of a Wine Hotel in this particular environment aimed to respond to the new functional program while  respecting  the  architectural  and  morphological  features  of  the  built  aggregate  and its  surrounding landscape.  The  intervention  included  both  the  repair  and  remodeling  of  the  old  farm buildings  and  the construction  from scratch  of  a  new  set  of  buildings,  based  on  precise  gestures,  respecting  the  lands’ exceptional features…Read More!


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