Topsportschool Antwerp / Compagnie O


Topsportschool Antwerp / Compagnie O

22:49 17 October in Architecture, Education-Professional, Education-Professional-Sports, Sports-Multi.Purpose

10-17-2017:MODERNi; The Topsportschool is a ‘machine à exceller’ meant to operate seamlessly and swift. The inhabitant, an often slightly narcissistic and voyeuristic athlete, is obsessed with his body, performance and ranking. In response, the inside of the building is one of both reflective and transparent surfaces and long vista’s – one is simultaneously observer and observant. The building lies on the 6th Brialmont-fortress of the fortress ring around the city of Antwerp, next to its very own Roman Circus-type square: the Square of Parades. Its sculptural concrete base is filled with sports facilities and gives the building a kind of spatial autonomy to its surroundings. On top of this base the so-called “school-disk” functions as a kaleidoscopic glasshouse for education;Modern Design…Read More!


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