Tahari Courtyards | Michael Van Valkenburgh


Tahari Courtyards | Michael Van Valkenburgh

00:24 31 October in Landscape Design, Museum

10-30-2015: MODERNi: Fashion designer Elie Tahari hired MVVA to add a soothing landscape to a windowless suburban “box” he was renovating to relocate 300 warehouse and accounting staff. Mr. Tahari’s work spaces in New York City are renowned for their sensuous materials and unusual uses of landscape; he sought to recreate that feel in an otherwise hostile suburban building. To do this, MVVA created two courtyards by cutting away the roof of the single-story office building to allow the sky and weather to penetrate the center of the structure. The design brings sunshine and snowstorms into the daily life of the workplace using a mere 2,000 square feet of green cut into 225,000 square feet of windowless suburban architecture…Read More!


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