Vidalakis Residence | Swatt & Miers

21:18 15 April in Architecture, Residence, Residence-Plateau by MODERNi

04-15-2019:MODERNi: Located on a beautiful 3.7 acre semi-rural parcel in Portola Valley, this new 7,000 square foot home is organized into an 'L' shaped...  Residence-Plateau

[MI] Venture Capital Office Headquarters | Paul Murdoch

21:15 10 December in [MI-Gold], Architecture, Office-Headquarters by MODERNi

12-10-2017: MODERNi: To reduce on-site construction and disruption to neighbors adjacent to the infill site, the two-story office building is made of prefabricated steel...  Office-Headquarters

Boldrewood Innovation Campus | Grimshaw

23:07 01 September in Architecture, Education, Education-College, Education-College-Engineering by MODERNi

09-01-2016:MODERNi: The Boldrewood Innovation campus is located at a key junction leading into the city, and the completed buildings set a new quality benchmark...  Education-College-Engineering