Sunyata Hotel in Dali Old Town | Zhaoyang Architects

20:10 03 May in Architecture, Hospitality-Hotel, Hotel by MODERNi

05-03-2018:MODERNi: In order to balance the hotel's sophisticated pragmatic requirements and tectonic durability, instead of traditional timber structure, we choose concrete boxes as both structure...  Hospitality-Hotel


Vermon Artist House | Elizabeth Herrmann

09:10 25 December in Architecture, Residence, Residence-Affordable, Residence-Country, Residence-Micro, Residence-Mini, Residence-Plateau by MODERNi

12-25-2017:ArchDaily: The program was simple: a bathroom (tub, no shower), sleeping area, kitchen , clothing and household storage, dining/work table, living space that could...  Residence-Mini