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SteirereckVienna | PPAG Architects

22:57 14 August in Architecture, Hospitality-Restaurant

08-14-2017:MODERNi: In order to develop a closer understanding of the task in hand, we completed in depth research into the topic of food from the perspective of both catering staff and customers by slipping into various different roles. We saw that, in comparison to other typologies such as that of housing, the historical development of the dining space has been less differentiated. The classical dining space is essentially a container which is then filled with tables. Our suggestion provides the missing link. When designing the new dining space we worked outwards from individual tables. What used to be a terrace leading to a children’s playground is now a system of pavilions, branching out, finger-like, from a precise table arrangement. Every table is placed at the edge against the façade and offers varied visual connections to both the outside and to the other tables;Modern Design Ideas.News…Read More!


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