St Henry’s Ecumenical Art Chapel | Sanaksenaho


St Henry’s Ecumenical Art Chapel | Sanaksenaho

00:00 15 November in Architecture

Client: St. Henry’s Chapel Association
Project architect: Sanaksenaho Architects – Matti Sanaksenaho
Glass artist: Hannu Konola

11-17-2014:Dezeen: An arched framework of curving pine ribs gives this chapel in Finland by Sanaksenaho Architects a shape more akin to a boat than a building. Matti Sanaksenaho, the founder of Helsinki-based Sanaksenaho Architects, designed St Henry’s Ecumenical Art Chapel as a steeply arching structure with a shiny copper exterior and a warm wooden interior. Located on one of the islands that makes up the sprawling Turku archipelago, the chapel functions as a space of contemplation for the patients and visitors of a neighbouring cancer-care centre, operated by the non-profit St Henry’s church organisation…Read More!


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