Sol House | Alexander Brenner

DEU, Stuttgart, Wohnhaus, Alexander Brenner Architekten , Fertigstellung: 2013 , DIGITAL 100 MB 8 Bit. - ©Zooey Braun; Veroeffentlichung nur gegen Honorar, Urhebervermerk und Beleg / permission required for reproduction, mention of copyright, complimentary copy, FUER WERBENUTZUNG RUECKSPRACHE ERFORDERLICH!/ PERMISSION REQUIRED FOR ADVERTISING!

Sol House | Alexander Brenner

10:01 29 January in Architecture, Residence

01-29-2016:ArchDaily: The site is situated along a residential road with buildings primarily dating from the 1930s as it is typical for Stuttgart’s hillside locations. The residence relates to the down-to-earth quality and the scale of the neighbouring two-storey, cubic houses, but the façade facing the street is, owed to modern living requirements, mainly closed…Read More!


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