Shanhai’s Suzhous creek | Sassaki


Shanhai’s Suzhous creek | Sassaki

18:52 08 October in Urban Design, Urban Design-Water Front

10-08-2016:MODERNi: By avoiding the preconceived idea of the creek as an exclusively linear experience, the Sasaki plan reorganizes the singularity of the waterway into multiple episodes of urban nodes and parks that anchor rhythmic moments along the creek. Parks

are spaced no more than 500 meters apart, celebrating the city’s long-held desire for more community-oriented open space, and allowing for the creek to dynamically engage with the surrounding neighborhoods. Within these neighborhoods, Shanghai’s unique vernacular architecture and intricate pedestrian networks are preserved with minimal, strategic interventions that transform them into new mixed-use destinations while retaining their existing character. Historic warehouses along the creek are repurposed as cultural destinations to further strengthen the area’s burgeoning arts scene...Read More!


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