Sayama Forest Chapel | Hiroshi Nakamura


Sayama Forest Chapel | Hiroshi Nakamura

18:06 12 December in Architecture, Religion, Religion-Chapel

12-12-2017: MODERNi; The site is located on the boundary between the forest and the grave area, and we created a chapel that is surrounded by trees and offers a prayer to the forest. We planted trees around the perimeter of the triangle site so that the chapel would overlook the forest through the trees. As the upper portion of the walls were leaned inward in order to avoid the tree branches, the pillars supported each other by forming the upside down “V” shape structure called “Gassho-zukuri,” a traditional Japanese structural form that is similar to the shape of two palms put together in prayer. By developing this form in all directions, the roof structure itself bears both vertical and lateral forcesModern Design…Read More!


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