Santa Ana’s Chapel | e348 arquitectura


Santa Ana’s Chapel | e348 arquitectura

11:02 18 February in Architecture, Religion, Religion-Chapel

02-17-2018:DesignBoom: located about 20 kilometers south of porto in the small town of canedo with many valleys and mesas, portuguese firm e|348 arquitectura has completed the ‘santa ana chapel’ on a wedge site surrounded by a very traditional vernacular and an almost untouched natural beauty. simplicity and originality are key components to match the history and aesthetic of the landscape. an L-shape typography was chosen to leave designed space on the exterior in the form of contemporary stone steps and courtyard. the traditional masonry construction is covered in chapisco, a traditional portuguese finish whereby a special concrete mix is skillfully applied to a wall or roof sealing any cracks in the brickwork but also giving the rounded structure a strong texture, painted white to contrast the environment…Read More!


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