Moat’s Corner House / Vibe Design Group


Moat’s Corner House / Vibe Design Group

11:43 18 May in Architecture, Residence, Residence-Landscape

05-18-2019:MODERNi:Moat’s Corner draws on an inspired vision and a commitment to an established setting. Refined to a point of tranquil precision, forming an interactive haven, with which to experience the life and energy that surrounds it. The sites layered history began with a pioneering family, after whom Moat’s Corner was named. Next came almost 70 years of a gardeners cultivating and collecting, resulting in a rambling and diverse array of flora across 5 acres of the 53 acre stretch. A new phase now and the owners’ commitment to create a home over the existing footprint set the tone for the design challenge – to respond to the integrity of its settingRead More!


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