Sugamo Shinkin Bank – Nakaaoki branch / emmanuelle moureaux


Sugamo Shinkin Bank – Nakaaoki branch / emmanuelle moureaux

21:25 05 November in Architecture, Bank

04-01-2017:MODERNi: Colors appear in and out from the rhythmical repetition of cubes, dancing like musical notes playing rainbow melody. The facade is composed of cubes of four different depths. Small elevated gardens are built inside 12 cubes, where the seasonal changes in nature are expressed by seasonal flowers like marigold, lavender, and growing trees such as olive tree. Gardens can be seen from the open space on the first floor, and from the financing section and cafeteria on the second floor. Sunlight is filtered through the foliage of elevated gardens on the South facing facade, providing a harmonious and warm atmosphere inside the bankRead More!


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