Quetzal Bar | Partisans


Quetzal Bar | Partisans

23:09 07 May in Bar, Interior Design, Interior Design-Cafe, Restaurant, Restaurant-Bar

05-07-2019:ArchDaily:With its rippling curvature, distinct geometries, and spare material choices, Quetzal’s design draws inspiration from the billowing tarps of Mexico’s market stalls as well as the organic details found in Oaxacan pottery. The expansive space embodies a breezy simplicity and freshness, akin to the cuisine itself, honouring the world’s most basic building ingredients: wood, concrete, plaster. The white, undulating ceiling is punctuated by lucid Canadian maple and concrete details that evoke handmade finishes. From the rolling ceiling, geometrical jigsaw countertops, and tailor-made drip trays, to the use of lightweight concrete that allowed for sculptural fabrication techniques, the design team’s rigorous attention to craftsmanship is evident in the restaurant’s every feature.Read More!


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