Museum for Architectural Drawing | SPEECH

Museum for Architectural Drawing | SPEECH

Museum for Architectural Drawing | SPEECH

09:56 26 February in Architecture, Museum-Art

02-26-2017:MODERNi: The new Museum building flanks the firewall of the adjacent four-storey residential house. Such neighborhood and the location under the conditions of the current development implied the irregular space-planning arrangement of the Museum. The volume that is compact in terms of design rises up to the mark of the neighboring roof ridge, forming five blocks clearly cut in the building carcass and offset in relation to each other. The upper block, made of glass, hang over the whole volume of the building in cantilever. The façades of the four lower blocks are made of concrete and its surfaces are covered with relief drawings with architectural motives, repeating on every level and overlapping each other as sheets of paper. This artistic touch is supposed to emphasize the function and contents of the exposition in the Museum architectural look…Read More!


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