PGSR Center for the Musical Arts | Goettsch Partners


PGSR Center for the Musical Arts | Goettsch Partners

11:07 12 June in Architecture, Art Center, Art Center-Music, Concert Hall, Education-College

06:12:2016:MODERNi: The recital hall is the building’s crown jewel. Featuring a 40-foot-high glass wall, the space sets performers against a dramatic backdrop of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline. The design needed to consider the overall acoustical challenges of a monumental 42’ x 40’ glass wall and the resultant acoustical reflections within the recital hall. The vertical supports of the glass wall are hung from above and achieve their slenderness by using highly tensioned horizontal cables that are anchored to the recital hall’s massive concrete side walls. Solar/blackout shades are hidden above the ceiling, contained within the accessible cavity to avoid interfering with the acoustics of the hall. The inner glass wall is tilted inward to prevent an echo from being heard by the audienceRead More!


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