Liberty Plaza-Mexico | Richard Meier


Liberty Plaza-Mexico | Richard Meier

22:07 04 August in Architecture, Mixed-Use

08-04-2016:MODERNi: Located in the Santa Fe district of Mexico City, Liberty Plaza is a mixed-use building complex comprised of three 15-story towers. The gently sloping site is bound by three avenues and a large commercial project to its north. Nature reserves to the south and the east afford dramatic panoramas of the city valley, surrounding mountains and distant volcanoes. With 1.5 million square feet of underground parking, commercial office space, retail space and a hotel, Liberty Plaza represents an architecturally striking landmark for the capital of Mexico. The complex is conceptualized as three carved and shaped prisms, each unique in their massing and in constant dialogue with each other. The buildings flow through the site and embrace its undulating boundaries and slope, with one independent hotel tower and two office towers linked by a multilevel conference center…Read More!


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