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Office.House | AS

00:00 22 March in Architecture, Residence

03-22-2015:DesignBoom: Occupying a corner lot roughly 20m x 30m, mexican studio AS arquitectura has designed a three-story structure that houses leasable offices on the ground floor under a dedicated architecture studio. the structure is formed from a folding white concrete wall that defines the street-facing locales and ends at the open corner in a double-height volume giving dramatic entrance to the private studio space. a staircase leads to the reception and other public programmatic elements fitted within a darker concrete cube protruding from the white mass. a second internal staircase connects the public areas of the studio space to the private offices. at the end of the structure is an open rooftop terrace that serves as a place to rest or used as a gathering area for larger events. although in one structure, all three uses contain spaces with the ability to peel away the layers of privacy/ isolation to accommodate more social aspects of the building and its uses…Read More!


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