Novartis Physic Garden | Thorbjörn Andersson + Sweco [MI]


Novartis Physic Garden | Thorbjörn Andersson + Sweco [MI]

01:02 26 March in Garden, Landscape Design

03-26-2016:Landezine: When commissioned as designers for the new Physic Garden at Novartis Campus, Basel, Switzerland, the idea of trying to create a modern version of the medieval monastery garden intrigued us. It would add a depth of time to the place, as well as symbolic content: the monastery garden represents the very origin of pharmacy as a science and thus the activity of Novartis as a company. But the Physic Garden is foremost a place to celebrate sensuous phenomena of all kinds. It is a place where mystic scents, changing colors, and seasonal variety can be enjoyed and also studied…Read More!


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