Musée de la Romanité | Richard Meier


Musée de la Romanité | Richard Meier

21:41 03 December in Architecture, Museum

12-03-2015:MODERNi: Nimes, the center of the Gard region in the south of France, is mostly famous for roman monuments, bullfighting and a textile industry that was once the primary purveyor of denim in the world (originally de Nîmes). Despite its illustrious past and picturesque férias, the Nimes of the 1970s and early 1980s lacked the dynamism of its rapidly expanding neighbor, Montpellier. In 1983, the new Mayor Jean Bousquet decided that change was required if Nimes was to have a future. Grand architectural gestures were high on the political agenda in the France of the 1980’s, and Mayor Bousquet’s effort sparked an ambitious international competition for a new Library and Art Museum on a site facing the iconic Maison carrée, a Roman templewhich is, with Nimes arena, among the most complete Roman buildings still in existence...Read More!


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