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Mellon Square-Pittsburgh-PA | Simonds & Simon-Heritage Landscapes

10:37 10 July in Landscape Design, Public Square

07-10-2016:MODERNi: Mellon Square is the first modern garden plaza built over a parking structure in the United States, and one of the earliest examples of a green roof.  This square and parking garage was designed by the distinguished landscape architecture firm Simonds & Simonds and architects Mitchell & Ritchey, from the late 1940s through 1955 as a part of the first Pittsburgh renaissance. For Mellon Square’s 21st century renaissance Heritage Landscapes led a diverse team to develop the award-winning Mellon Square Preservation, Interpretation & Management Plan and followed on with phased implementation. Extensive research yielded a wealth of documentation to include 1955 and 1987 construction documents and hundreds of photographs. Field reconnaissance noted vegetation, built elements, and uses of the Square through behavior mapping.  Analysis revealed that Mellon Square is deteriorated and changes made in the 1980s altered and compromised this modern masterwork.  The 2009 plan documents, analyzes and directs this Modernist masterwork into the future through landscape restoration, new terrace design, interpretation and managementRead More!

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