Mashouf Wellness Center | WRNS Studio


Mashouf Wellness Center | WRNS Studio

22:48 03 January in Architecture, Education, Education-College, Sports-Gymnasium

01-03-2019:MODERNi:The massing and design are crisp, modern, and fluid, reflecting both the forward leaning ethos of the campus and the dynamic activity within. The MAC is situated at the northwest corner of the site, reaching into the heart of campus and presenting the building’s public face to its community. Its large entry plaza also serves as a pre-function area for important campus events, such as graduations or performances. The natatorium, situated at the northwest corner, engages passersby on its well-traversed intersection with a large expanse of glazing – a gateway beacon showcasing life within, and glowing at night. The two-court gym located at the southeast corner captures views of a nearby park and a stunning eucalyptus grove. Playfields to the east serve as an active and green welcome matRead More!


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