[M.Classic] Rachofsky House | Richard Meier [MI]


[M.Classic] Rachofsky House | Richard Meier [MI]

12:47 19 April in Architecture, Residence

04-18-2016:MODERNi: The white form of the house hovers on pilotis above the podium like an opaque plane, pierced by a number of discrete openings. A succession of spatial layers recedes from this taut surface to accommodate the house’s principal volumes. The metal-faced front elevation that shields the living volume gives way on the north and west elevations to taut curtain walls that, together with the opaque front, inflect the interior layered space toward a small body of water to the southwest. Two sheets of water-a reflecting pool and a swimming pool-penetrate the podium at the rear of the house. The swimming pool, plus a cubic pool house and a low wall, effectively terminate the sitework at the western end…Read More!


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