Lamar Advertising Corporate Headquarters | Eskew Dumez Ripple

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Lamar Advertising Corporate Headquarters | Eskew Dumez Ripple

00:29 29 October in Corporate, Interior Design

10-28-2016:MODERNi; Our design is structured to reinforce that culture of openness. At its core, the design is informed by these basic tenets: people like variety; they need places to congregate; casual interaction fosters teamwork and creativity; natural light is a good thing; and a little visual excitement can’t hurt. To accomplish this, we radically altered the internal configuration of a 115,000 square foot 1970’s era data center while leaving the exterior almost entirely unchanged. In addition to the insertion of a large, interior light court dropped into the building, further structure was removed to connect the space between floors into one communicating whole – reinforcing the culture and identity of the company as a single creative community…Read More!


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