Lake Side Residence | Ayutt Mahasom


Lake Side Residence | Ayutt Mahasom

18:16 20 November in Architecture, Residence-Luxury

11-20-2017:MODERNi: The materials utilized as a part of this house are thoroughly tropical modern: off-form concrete, local timber, stone, glass and aluminum. The basic components are made of strengthened concrete structure while the rooftop is produced using metal sheets loaded with warmth and acoustic protection. For the ground floor, the flat concrete roof has a layer of gravel to keep heat from entering the house. The brick plaster walls are punctuated by areas of glazing with the exterior facades mostly rendered in white to reflect the heat. To incorporate a modern feature to the house design, AAd installs the customized Metalic-Black Aluminum Extrusion Strip vertically on the mass of the master bedroom. The strips box make the house resemble a feature component box floating on the off-structure solid sheet beneath. This Aluminum strips façade is likewise intended for air buffer insulation to chill off the primary space during the daytimeRead More!


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