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Lajeunesse Residence | NatureHumaine

22:29 26 September in Architecture, Interior Design-Residence

09-26-2018:MODERNi; On the ground floor, a wall of translucent sliding panels protects the living spaces from unwanted gazes from the street as well as acting as a vestibule in winter. A plywood handrail wraps around the stair and folds at the base becoming a long bench for the dining table. Two intersecting steel bars are suspended over the dining table acting as both a sculptural element and the direct and indirect lighting for the dining area. A simple pallet unifies the custom furniture around the house; folded steel plates, white wooden shelves, and russian plywood. A play of angled white steel tubes supports the dining table, the kitchen island, and a glass handrail. The final result is humble and cosy, with each object falling naturally into place...Read More!


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