Korean Dandelion Farm | Archihood WXY


Korean Dandelion Farm | Archihood WXY

09:44 19 September in Architecture, Cafe, Hospitality, Hospitality-Cafe, Restaurant

09-19-2016:MODERNi: The building is hidden by the silver-grass forest. The whistle of the wind from the sliver-grass leads the way. At the end of a leafy and curved pathway, you can meet a heavy wooden door. The black bamboo welcomes you through the spaced wooden fence, and natural sunlight filtering through the louver, enveloping the dark entry space. Walking through this entry space, you can see the peaceful front courtyard, covered with Korean fine soil. Experience of dark and light: this is what triggers your emotional experiences in this space. When you enter the front courtyard, you can see the forest valley through the wide open Farm café. The sense of nature from the valley stays in the farm a while, and passes through the wooden fenceRead More!


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