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Hillside Residence | AlterStudio

21:00 24 January in Architecture, Residence

01-24-2016:MODERNi: The Hillside Residence is a substantial renovation and expansion of a 1927 bungalow in Travis Heights. The existing, 1000 sf building was rescued from dilapidation and delineated abstractly in stark white, and paired with a new, 1100 sf sculptural volume clad black-stained cypress, connected via a glass entry bridge.  Akin to Marcel Breuer’s 1943 proposition for a Bi-Nuclear House, the home is split into two zones; one for living and socializing, and the other for concentration, work and sleeping – and by virtue of entering in the middle, both sides appear to be in dialogue with each other.  Inside, the two zones are defined in distinctly different material and spatial characters; the combination being both gracious and provocative...Read More!


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